Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas poem

Today we worked in groups to act out a poem that we were assigned to. It was really fun working with other people to do this. One person was the snow woman and another person was the girl who made the snow woman. All the people in my group were, Veta (me), BreAnna, Jaliah, and Juhn'keyceia. Jaliyah is the one who made the snow woman in the story. Juhn'keyceia was the snow woman. I was Santa clause. Also BreAnna was the narrator. When we got up in front of that camera man were we all nerves. Ours was not that funny, but it was some what funny. 
I had a great time doing it. If you had a great time to, comment below! <3

Monday, December 9, 2013

Family day

We all have a favorite day of the week. Mine is Saturday because
I get to see my family and have sleepovers.  During the weekend 
My family and I have family gatherings at my grandmas house,
and that is how I get to see my family.
Also I get to have sleepovers. Sometimes with my baby cousin 
and other times with my younger cousin.
Well, what it all adds up to is, Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
Comment to me what your favorite day is. 

                                                   The End


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The One And Only Ivan

Ivan is the silver back gorilla in this story. He has lived in the big top mall for a long time. He has a tire swing, a old TV, and a stuffed gorilla from his friend Julia. He likes to draw a lot with Julia. Next Stella. She is the elephant in this story. She is kinda old. But she can still do amazing tricks. What happend so far was that Ivan told us all about the animals like Bob and Snickers. Then Stella was telling a story one day. Then they all herd a noise coming from the food quart. There was a big white truck. When he owner opened the doors to the truck there was a baby elephant. Stella was really mad.

I really like this book. I am usually not into books. But I think I am going to like this one. It is kind of a sad story but I think it is still good and also a little happy. But that us my opinion I do not now what yours is. It is really fun reading this book, and if you want to read this book it would be a good idea. It does get your mind going. Comment below if you like this book as much as I do!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Frogs

The frogs that are at my tables names are Marquis, Ginga, and sparkle. I am really happy that we got frogs in are classroom! The reason I am is because, last year we did not have a class pet . They are still a little young. But it is still fun to take care of them.

I like touching them and holding them. But some other people think there gross and won't even touch them. Taking care of them is fun. I hope we have a little more time before they have to go back!

I observed:
1. They have webbed feet.
2.they are green and slimy.
3. They like to hid under the plants that we put in there.
4. The rocks are at a slope so they have somewhere to breath.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What happened to Mrs.Morris

 Well what happened was this. Mrs.Morris told everyone that she was not feeling well, and she did not want to go home. But then a few hours later she was walking to her computer, and she fell. She told Corvirious to go get the nurse. Wile he did, Mrs.Morris passed out! When the nurse came with a Wheelchair and every thing we all had to leave the room.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Blogging from my iPad!

Today we got are own iPads. We got them in the Cafeteria. Every body got a Certificate when we were handed our iPad. Me Corvirious,and Marquise brought the cart back.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Going to the pool!!!!

I am at the pool with my cousin. The pool is at my grandmas house. Before we get in to the pool,we have to put on sunblock. After that 
we got in the pool. Me and my cousin were flouting on  noddles. I had a great time!